Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Art

I finished off a few more pages in my journal today.I'm going to miss this when I go back to work next week. I can't believe how much I have enjoyed being out of action! This one was inspired by the image of the mask.  I coloured it and added some feathers and a jewel. I then cut some shapes from a random piece of paper which I had been experimenting with, mixing colour and overstamping. I'd almost thrown it away! The background was a wash of Paynes grey blotted with a serviette, painted a few swirls and added some thoughts of the theatre. I'm not sure if I've finished this page yet? This second page is a bit different to my usual style, it's a bit like a bad dream really.  I just started doodling and ended up with this. Stuck to two different colours of paint, they are actually a bit brighter in real life. I have since added pink spots between the ovals on the right hand side which makes it look like a necklace. Did the feathers with a pemanent marker, they were fun. I would probably rip this out under normal circumstances but I learnt at a recent art course that every piece is a record of your journey and so, not only do I retain it but I post it on my blog, what a step for me! Hoping to get back in my craftroom tomorow although I should be doing my husbands end of financial year books so that I'm not faced with doing it after work next week. I wonder which one I will choose?  Enjoy your day, Janet xx