Friday, July 23, 2010

Lazy Days

How wonderful is it to sit in your own little world and create something that is just special for you. No pressure about whether it will be good enough to sell or give to someone else, just for you and if you like it, the colours the textures the materials etc., then it has passed the test. I wanted something to put on the wall in our new media room which is predominately brown tones with a few turquoise touches here and there (pillows, throws, candles etc) so wanted to pick up a tiny bit of that colour in the painting. It was a collage of sorts and I was quite pleased with the result althought the camera always washes the colours out a bit. Once I had the bug I was into another one to put into our spare room. I had recently bought a new doona cover with browns but some gold highlights and wanted to pick that colour out, plus I love the richness of gold in paintings. For something different I added some broken purple glass as the purple colouring looks fantastic teamed with gold. The thing I dislike about an open plan house is there are just not enough walls to hang all my creations on. Maybe we should have included a gallery wall when we built it because I definitely don't have any plans to stop creating anytime soon!
Enjoy the weekend